Thursday Night Indoor Pickleball League Fixtures

This website will be updated periodically to show the latest fixtures. 

You can also view the most up-to-date fixtures in each week's Thursday Night Pickleball League Facebook Event.

Fixtures may change due to new registrations, so be sure to check the Facebook Event every Thursday.  

Round 1: Thurs 23rd July 2020

Round 2: Thurs 30th July 2020

Round 3: Thurs 6th August 2020

Round 4: Thurs 13th August 2020

Round 5: Thurs 20th August 2020

Round 6: Thurs 27th August 2020

Round 7: Thurs 3rd September 2020

Round 8: Thurs 10th September 2020

SEMI FINALS: Thurs 17th September 2020

FINALS: Thursday 24th September 2020

The match winner will be required to submit the score.  As an example, the score could be: 11-7, 8-11, 11-3.

Indoor Rules

1. If you hit the top net, you automatically lose the point.

2. If the ball bounces in, then bounces off the back net behind the baseline, you may play the ball before it bounces on the ground.  Once the ball bounces for a second time on the ground, the point is over.

Pickleball Leagues Information

Who can play in pickleball leagues?
We run our pickleball leagues to cater for boys, girls, men, women, young and old, talented and not so talented.

Divisions and Teams 
Teams in the Doubles League consist of two players; teams in the Singles League consist of one player.  Teams will be graded into divisions to suit the varying skill levels.  All singles and doubles teams will be an "open" class, which means that both males and females will play in the same division based on skill-level, and doubles teams can consist of two males, two females, or one female and one male.  If you want to play in a doubles team but don't have a partner, we can allocate you a suitable partner.

Match Times and Fixtures
Each team will play one match against an opposing team each round.  Matches will be played on Thursdays at 6:00pm, 6:45pm, 7:30pm and 8:15pm.  Match times will be allocated on a rotating basis, for example in Round 1 you might have a 6:00pm match, and in Round 2 you might have a 7:30pm match.  The fixtures will be made available on this website in advance.

Match Format
To win a match, your team needs to win at least 2 out of 3 "games".  Those unfamiliar with pickleball could consider a "game" as being the equivalent of a "set" in tennis.  A "game" is played first to 11 points, winning by 2 points.  If a team wins the first 2 games, despite the match winner having already been decided, the 3rd game is still to be played.  An example of the score in that case is: 11-7, 11-5, 11-8.

Match Duration
Matches are allocated 45 minutes to be finished.  In the event that the 3rd game has not concluded after 45 minutes, the team that has scored the most points in the 3rd game shall be deemed the winner of that game.  If scores are level in the 3rd game, a deciding "sudden death" point will be played to determine the winner of that game.  Should a match finish in less than 45 minutes, players should start a 4th game for practice, or do a drill for practice such as dinking or volleying.

Scoring and Umpiring
Players are to umpire their own matches and keep score.  The server is to call the score before the start of each point.  Players call the ball "out" on their side of the net.  If unsure, the ball is "in".  Teams only score a point by winning a point that they served.  For example, if Team A served and Team B won the point, neither team would score a point.  But if Team B served and Team B won the point, then Team B would score one point. 

Score Submission
The match winner (or loser, if both players agree) will be required to submit the score to this website.  As an example, the score could be: 11-7, 8-11, 11-3.

Qualifying Round and Finals
Each season is 10 rounds long, coinciding with the WA school term dates.  The season consists of 8 weeks for qualifying, 1 week for semi-finals, and 1 week for finals.  Should your team not qualify for the semi finals or finals, your team will still have a match scheduled in the finals rounds against other teams who also did not qualify.  Should a member of your team become ill, injured or unavailable, your team must organise a fill-in player since matches cannot be cancelled or rescheduled due to court-hire fees.

The cost for the Doubles League is $5 per player per round, totalling $50 per player for the 10-round season.  The cost for the Singles League is $10 per player per round, totalling $100 per player for the 10-round season.  The $50 or $100 is to be paid before Round 1 commences, by bank transfer to: 
Name: Power Pickleball; BSB: 086-006; Acc: 49-062-9484.  This is a special introductory price for the very first season of Thursday Night Indoor Pickleball League - Term 3 2020.   

Paddles and pickleballs are supplied.  You are welcome to bring your own paddle.

Location and Playing Surface
Matches are played at Bouncer Sports Centre: 4 Elcar Ln, Joondalup WA 6027.  The playing surface is the same as a badminton court - wooden.

Season Dates for 2020
Term 3 2020: Thursday 23rd July 2020 - Tuhursday 8th October 2020
Term 4 2020: Thursday 15th October 2020 - Thursday  17th December 2020

Why don't we play in the school holidays?
The school holidays are when tournaments are scheduled, so by not scheduling games during the holidays, league players have the opportunity to compete in tournaments.

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