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World Pickleball Day Indoor Round-Robin Tournament Information

Who can play in the tournament?
We are running this tournament to cater for boys, girls, men, women, young and old, talented and not so talented.  In particular, we want beginners to enter so that we can share pickleball with new people.

There will be beginner, intermediate and advanced divisions for singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Match Times and Fixtures
The format of the tournament is round robin.  This means, depending on the number of entrants, you will play at least 3 matches.

Match Format
To win a match, you will be the first to score 11 points, winning by 2 points.

Match Duration
Matches are allocated 15 minutes to be finished.  In the event that the match has not concluded after 15 minutes, whoever has scored the most points shall be deemed the winner.  Should a match finish in less than 15 minutes, players should start a second game for practice, or do a drill for practice such as dinking or volleying.

Scoring and Umpiring
Players are to umpire their own matches and keep score.  The server is to call the score before the start of each point.  Players call the ball "out" on their side of the net.  If unsure, the ball is "in".  Teams only score a point by winning a point that they served.  For example, if Team A served and Team B won the point, neither team would score a point.  But if Team B served and Team B won the point, then Team B would score one point. 

Score Submission
The match winner (or loser, if both players agree) will be required to submit the score to the tournament director.  As an example, the score could be: 11-7.

The entry fees for the events are:
Singles: $20 per player
Doubles: $10 per player
Mixed Doubles: $10 per player
Entry fees must be paid at the time of submitting the online entryform by direct debit to: 
Name: Power Pickleball; BSB: 086-006; Acc: 49-062-9484.

Paddles and pickleballs are supplied.  You are welcome to bring your own paddle.

Location and Playing Surface
Matches are played at Bouncer Sports Centre: 4 Elcar Ln, Joondalup WA 6027.  The playing surface is the same as a badminton court - wooden.

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