Pickleball vs Tennis

🔸The court is about 1/3 of the size.
🔸The paddle is smaller with a shorter handle.
🔸Serves are hit underarm.
🔸Volleys can’t be hit until after the ball has bounced once on the receiver's side and once on the server's side.  This is known as the "two-bounce rule"
🔸Volleys can’t be hit from or followed- through into the non-volley zone in the front section of the court.
🔸Scoring is different - you only score a point if you win on your serve. The first team to score 15 points wins (must win by 2).
🔸The opposition team serves after you have served and lost, then your partner has served and lost.
🔸Scores have 3 numbers: server’s score - receiver’s score - server # Eg 3-4-2 = 3 points to the serving team, 4 points to the receiving team, and the 2nd person in the serving team is serving.

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